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Why choose us?

We use only our hands

Do you know the literal meaning of the word “Chiropractic” is “practice by hands”? At Specific Chiropractic, we practice chiropractic in its original form without the use of modalities. Let your body tell if this is the best way to correct *subluxation*!

We practice the Gonstead System of Chiropractic

The Gonstead System is by far the gold standard protocol to locate subluxation. Have a look at the Gonstead procedure to know how thorough we are in finding the CAUSE of your presenting problems!

We take care of a more than back pain and headaches

Autonomic function:

“Dis-ease” such as organ dysfunction can be caused by subluxation too. For example, a subluxated thoracic vertebra can compromise innervation to various organs, lead to symptoms such as asthma, acid reflux etc. Upon removal of subluxation, optimal organ function is possible.

Extremity injury:

Although most extremity issues are originated from subluxation in the spinal column, extremity joints themselves can sometimes become dysfunctional, where they lack normal joint movements. This dysfunctional pattern can cause disruption to the coordination of surrounding musculature during movements, causing problems in the long run. Fortunately, chiropractors are also trained to address extremity issues such as frozen shoulder, lateral epicondylitis etc.

Non-invasive care that is suitable for all ages, encompassing emergency and maintenance care

Nerve interference happens across all ages in acute and chronic form, and we are all better off without it. Thanks to the creator of the Gonstead adjusting technique, chiropractors can alter their adjusting technique to better accommodate patients’ need.