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Conditions that we can help with

Chiropractic addresses a variety of complaints by making sure the nervous system is functioning efficiently. There are many problems that chiropractic could help with, click here to find out more!

Our Chiropractors

Our male and female chiropractors are both Gonstead chiropractors who have dedicated their time in the study of the Gonstead system and still consistently updating their knowledge.

Why Choose Us?

We use only our hands

We practice the Gonstead System of Chiropractic

We take care of more than back pain and headaches

Non-invasive care that is suitable for all ages, encompassing emergency and maintenance care

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About Us

At Specific Chiropractic we strive to provide high quality chiropractic care via removal of subluxation to help people achieve overall health. We deliver knowledge to the public regarding the importance of maintaining a healthy nervous system for optimal functioning and prevention of re-injury.

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